And, then the LaSalette Shrine presentation was also a fabulous afternoon. Over half the room was filled with old Lifeteen friends, current friends, family, people we haven’t seen for ages, parish friends, and strangers who wanted to know more about Erin. Maryann Daley welcomed us all to the event. It was Maryann’s urging to Tom McKenna and Fr. Ted Brown that we were invited to the Shrine to give a witness talk about Erin, along with a book signing. After my part of the presentation, a few people (Patrick Logan, Debbie Andersen, and Uncle Dennis Rodriques, and also Maryann Daley ) came to the mike to talk about their special relationships with Erin-just as we did at Assumption. Once again our hearts were warmed by everyone still remembering Erin. We finished with an intense book signing. Big thanks to Fr Flavio Gillio, Director of the Shrine to make us feel so welcome and spent so many of his valuable hours with us. Thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy weekends to attend.  Patrick Logan recorded the day, so I’ll share the link when I get it from him.
A beautiful day!!💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏💫💫💫

Photos of books being signed are by Cindy Rodriques.

Middle top: Lisa(Rodriques) and Ruben Vargas
Right top: Danny Singleton
Bottom left: Uncle Dennis Rodriques
Bottom middle: Bro. Ron Taylor

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