Reflections from a Beautiful Life Cut Tragically Short.

This book is a love letter from Mother to Daughter, sharing and reflecting upon the daughter’s 23 years of life. Erin Rodriques was a beautiful young woman, in every respect, but her faith, optimism, and ability to love everyone around her was contagious.

In this book, Erin’s mother, Kathy, shares reflections on Erin’s life, Erin’s personal journal entries and writings, and her hope for those who might read those musings after her time here has ended. This book is a wonderful illustration of finding light even in the darkest of times, both from Erin’s abstract, prayerful journal entries, but also how the author has taken a horrible tragedy and seeks to share their story with the world, helping those who may also may face doubts and sadness.

I was moved several times throughout the book. It was a quick read but one that stays with you after you’ve read it.

“If you are going through a hard time … please, NEVER lose hope! God is always there for you and He will never leave your side.” Erin Rodriques, May 26, 2006.


In my experience, teens and young adults usually journal in ways that reflect an inward vision – writing about how they see their personal experience and inner world of wishes, fears, frustrations, and wonderings. Erin’s writings are unusual, as you say, because they so often reflect the experiences of someone who is looking outside and speaking to others in a way that responds to what someone else might be feeling. This uncanny and intuitive empathy is one of  the most cherished gifts Erin offers the reader.

—Paul M. Kline, PhD
Professor of Clinical Practice
School of Social Work
Boston College