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A little bit of that veil thinned for us this week and we’re feeling a bit of Heaven and Erin’s spirit. With the suggestion of Abel’s brother Dean and with his major help, the two of them opened some of Erin’s totes that we just received from Josh that contained Erin’s Christmas lights and decorations. Some she had used, some she had bought to use in 2013. Dean and Abel put them all over the front and back of the house. The house has not looked this festive in a very long time. As most of you know, Christmas was Erin’s favorite holiday (but weren’t they all?). It didn’t dawn on me until Monday night that it was the Feast of St Nicholas (Santa Claus) and we always let Erin open one of her Christmas gifts that day. Well, this year, she gave that gift to US! She is our light in the darkness. I feel like the house has come alive again and Erin is strongly around.

I want to impart some of that joy to you via a slideshow that I quickly put together of the lights–of course, the photos don’t do them justice. I interspersed photos of Erin in between a few of them. In the photosar Erin’s 1st picture, you can see the light above the front door. That’s there 24/7. It’s in Erin’s closet. In the window to the left of that one, you can see Erin’s little Christmas tree.  The last photo is the prism in the sky that we saw after Erin’s Assumption College Garden dedication in 2014. I tried to make the music stop on that slide but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Click on this link for the video.

The background music is “Thankful” by Josh Groban (of course). ..which I managed to buy from I-Tunes with a gift card that I found in Erin’s coupon pouch from one of the totes! She took care of everything–the lights, the music, and the joy!

Thank you all so much for your beautiful posts, messages, cards, texts, prayers, and thoughts for Erin’s 8th (!) memorial. We love you all and are so honored that you keep our/your Lovies in your hearts and minds.

Take care, all.

Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas!

Love, Kathy, Abel, and forever Erin



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