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Photo courtesy of  Skyler Hesch

The presentation and book signing at Assumption College on November 13 was a night to remember. About 30 people braved the frigid seventeen-degree temperature on a Wednesday night to attend. Mike Land, who was the adviser for LeProvocateur opened the event and introduced President Cesareo. President Cesareo gave a wonderful talk about his memories of Erin. When he thinks of Erin, her eyes and her smile come first to his mind. His analysis of Erin is always so on the mark. When he finished, Abel and I presented him with a signed color edition of The Loudest Quiet Girl: Messages of Hope in a Dark World, in appreciation for his inspiring Foreword and all the help he gave me throughout the writing process.

After my own presentation and slide show, others in the audience were invited to share their relationships with Erin. The audience represented friends from college, teachers, even retired ones, work colleagues, friends, and people who had heard of her and wanted to know more about her. Their testimonies were poignant.

One fear parents have is that the world will forget that their child ever lived. After that night, especially, I was convinced that Erin had not and will not leave the hearts of the many people whom she touched. Many are still feeling very close to her.

It might have been bitterly cold outside but inside there was much warmth. Heartwarming for Abel and me as well as for those in attendance because it gave them a chance to all come together again and share their stories and sorrows remembering Erin. I think all who came really enjoyed and were grateful for the evening.

Refreshments and book signing followed in the Atrium where people could socialize some more.

Thanks to Mike Flynn of the Bookstore and Barnes&Noble for hosting the event, as well as Miike Land for his “MC” services; to Susan Sabelli for helping to arrange it initially.  Thanks to President Cesareo, and others who offered reflections of Erin: Erin Sullivan, Mike Land(again), Paul Shields, Stephanie Plotkin, and Lee Pearson. Great thanks to Laurie Palumbo who helped me with her technical expertise and recorded the whole presentation. Thanks to Rob and Trevor Benoit, Paul Shields, and Laurie Palumbo again, for staying with us to the end and helping us pack up and load the car in that cold air.  And a gracious thanks to all of those who came out for it, many from a great distance. We appreciated it so much.

PS  David Pepin, editor-in-chief of the Provocateur had a nice review in the paper’s next edition:

PPS I hope I didn’t forget to thank anyone. Please forgive me if I did.






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